Remembrance Day Assembly

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

November 10th was an emotional day for both staff and students; on that day we had our very special Remembrance Day Ceremony. A war veteran, who I interviewed after, said that “its very important for schools to have assemblies like yours because we can never afford to forget what people went through for our freedom.”

While all the staff and students loaded into the gym, a slideshow playing pictures and some soft music set the tone. Once the slideshow had finished, the guests started marching in. First were the flag bearers and the bagpiper, then our veterans, cadets, and poem readers followed.

After everyone was settled, the vice-principal, Mr. Hutchings, gave a quick speechRemembrance Assembly 4
about this special day and why we need to remember. Ms. Pacione, another vice principal who I interviewed before the assembly, said: “it’s important to remember because if we forget, and we become complacent, then these tragic events can sadly happen again.” Then all rose for the national anthem, O’ Canada. All sang along and stood proudly.

When all were seated again, the principal, Mrs. Panagiotakis, gave her speech, and then read a poem to us called: “ The little boy who refused to wear a poppy.” That poem was very touching and actually brought tears to my eyes. When the poem was finished and the crying was almost over, Mr. Hutchings introduced our guests. Emma Sharpe, an Evergreen Park School student, then read us another poem. Afterwards, the school had “peace around the world”; this part of the ceremony is when various students from around the world say “peace” in their language. This has to be one of my favorite pats of the ceremony because I always find myself learning a new word in another language. Then Mr. McFadden, a grade 8 teacher, read the traditional “In Flanders Fields” poem.

The choir then sang “one minute to stand,” followed by Mr. Steven Woodworth, our guest speaker and a war veteran from Afghanistan, sharing his experience in the war over seas. Wreaths were brought up to the front of the stage while a very touching Remembrance Day video played in the background.

A moment of silence for a lifetime of opportunity.

A moment of silence for a lifetime of opportunity.

To close the ceremony, we had two RCMP officers raise the Canadian and New Brunswick flag slowly, while a trumpet played. After the flag rose, we had one moment of silence to honor our veterans. Lastly, we all sang “God Save the Queen,” all of the voices sounding amazing together. Finally, all our guests exited, followed by the students and staff.

By: Bella Hicks


Un Musée à Evergreen Park

PIF Museum 4Le 21 novembre 2014, les élèves de Post Intensive French de Mme Aube ont organisé un musée dans sa classe. Les élèves de 7/8 Leger, 8 Nason et 7 Agnew ont fabriqué chaqu’un trois projets; un sur les vieux styles de vêtements, un sur des vieilles automobiles et un sur la vielle musique. D’autres élèves ont aussi apporté des vieux objets de leur maison, par examples: un vieux Nintendo qui fonctionnait encore, un banjo, une vielle machine à café, des vieux manteaux, etc. Des élèves de toutes les classes dans l’école avait la permission de venir avec leur groupe pour voir le musée.

Durant ce temps, j’ai eu la chance de faire une interview avec un des élèves; son nom est Youssef. Youssef a fait son projet sur les vêtements de soccer et comment ils ont changé au fil du temps. Il a choisi de faire ce projet car le soccer est son sport favori et il pensait que ça serait intéressant. Youssef pense qu’il a fait bien sur son projet car il a suivi la rubrique.

Les élèves de PIF amorceront leur deuxième unité cette semaine: une revue pour ados.

– par Bella Hicks

EPS Girls Still Undefeated

Friday, November 21st,2014

Jennifer Leahy steps up to the line, looking confident. On the other side of the net, Riverview readies themselves for another one of Jenn’s untouchable serves. “ACE!!!” Brian Saunter screams from the stands, and an ace it was, putting Evergreen up 14 to 13. The girls volleyball team hasn’t lost a game yet, and tonight is no exception. Both Riverview Middle and Evergreen have been neck-in-neck the entire first set, but our girls have always had the lead. The first set finishes 25 to 17, despite our opponents’ determined, hardworking attitude.

Leahy serves against River Middle School.

Leahy serves against River Middle School.

“A lot of the girls just started playing volleyball about a month ago, and they’re really improving.” Coach Roger Nason tells me. One of the rookies, 6th grader Jillian Nason, seems to be doing just that. She smiles as she bumps the ball to the other side, finishing the second game 25 to 15. “She’s watched her brother play for years,” Says her father and coach, “and she goes around the house with a volleyball in her hands all the time.” Although the next set doesn’t really count (Evergreen has one the last two), Jill still plays her hardest, getting another few successful serves and hits. But even after a good game, she still remains a team player. “I did pretty good, I guess.” She answers when asked about her game, “But we worked really well as a team today.” Yes, this girl seems to have a very bright volleyball future ahead of her, as confirmed by Mr. Nason: “All the setters are in grade eight, so she’ll have to step up and be our setter next year.” So it appears that with the help of their great coach, Jillian and the rest of her 7th and 6th grader teammates have a very promising next couple of years.

"...we worked really well as a team..." - Jillian Nason

“…we worked really well as a team…” – Jillian Nason

Although Riverview does triumph in the third set by a nail-bitting 25:26, Evergreen still remains undefeated by winning both the first and second one. “But we know there’s better teams out there that we have to be ready for,” Says the coach,”because districts* are on December 8th.” So good luck to you girls, on the 8th, but I’m pretty sure they have so much talent, they won’t even be needing it.

*The volleyball championships

Story by Emma Sharpe

MAGMA Visits Evergreen!

On Thursday, The Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area or Simply MAGMA, visited Evergreen Park school and did three individual presentations for grades 6-8.

MAGMA’s goal is to welcome as they say, “New-comers” from abroad to Greater Moncton. Last year alone they eased approximately 300 new students in schools all across Greater Moncton.

MAGMA welcomes families from all over the world adjust to Canadian culture

MAGMA welcomes families from all over the world adjust to Canadian culture

The presentations had much to offer to the students of Evergreen and taught them many different lessons about welcoming new students to their school. Our presenter, Ms. Jenna Steeves, had dozens of tricks such as “Walk a mile in their shoes.” And when it came to comparing different cultures, she explained “the opposite of right, is right,” meaning that just because your culture does something differently than another, doesn’t mean either of them are wrong.

When I spoke with Ms. Steeves she had various things to say about MAGMA and her adventures overseas. “On a trip in Africa, I got to meet my sponsor child and it was really amazing. They were deaf but we could still talk with sign language and to this day it is still one of my favourite experiences.” The Presentation ended with a roaring applause from the students and teachers who quite obviously enjoyed it.

By: Darian Shakerinia

Rookies Shine In Big Win

Evergreen Park vs. Riverview East – Thursday November 13th, 2014

            The girls have been going strong since the beginning of the season, and today our Evergreen Girls played no different against Riverview East. From the warm up you could tell that the girls were confident. As the game starts, they seem to have a pretty fierce lineup.

The game starts off with Riverview serving, they get the point but lose their serve right after. Alicia Stordy, number 22, serves first for our EPS girls; she had 4 perfect serves in row. After giving up one point, the girls regained the serve. Jennifer Leahy, number 2, was on fire today, with an amazing 12 serve streak and 4 aces. When they lost their serve the score was 17-4, and their opponents tried to change things by switching #22 for #11 and #6 for #15. Once they changed the lineup, their seemed to be more rallies. The ball would fly through the air back and forth for a while but the girls took control and won the set 25-7.

Carla Heath-Morrison smashes the over-hand serve.

Carla Heath-Morrison smashes the over-hand serve.

The second set, the lineup was filled up with all grade sevens except for 1 grade six. The girls started off strong with a few rallies happening but our EPS team was really taking over the court, with a score of 12-4. Then the Riverview girls had a comeback and made the score 12-13. Emma Ward, number 18, seemed to really shine in this set with a couple of good dives and some great serves. The score was bouncing back and forth as the game continued. There was a great rally at 23-22 but Evergreen got the point. Riverview East tied it up, but with that last serve our EPS girls won the match.

Our girls have really done well this season. And we wish them the best of luck in play-offs. And hope they shine just as much as they did in the beginning of the season. Good luck girls!

By: Ashleigh Beltempo

North Stars Serve Their Way to Victory

Evergreen Park vs. Carrefour de l’Acadie – Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Our Evergreen boys’ played Carrefour de l’Acadie. And they should all be proud of their game. As the teams warmed up you could tell that it was going to be close one. Both teams seemed pretty evenly matched.

The first set definitely kept you on the edge of your seat. Number 23, Cole, started the game with a good serve. Once the boys lost their serve, they rallied for a bit and Carrefour started to pull ahead. Luckily the boys pulled it together, and caught up. Matt, number 13, got an ace on his first serve and then, after that he had 3 other solid serves. The boy’s then lost the serve and had some good rallies. Samuel Maillet, number 11, had a nice play, when a player from Carrefour tried to smash the ball but Sam blocked the ball. The score was 18-20, and there were some good rallies happening again. But this is where the game gets really interesting, the score was 24-24, then Carrefour scored and made it 24-25. And with amazing teamwork the boys tied it up. And then with another two serves from Justin Murray, number 39, they won the set!

Carrefour de l’Acadie serves first in the second set. But the EPS boys worked together and really dominated the set. The score was 12-4, when Carrefour pulled it together and made the score 12-8. But our boys didn’t let them continue with their little streak. The guys then pulled ahead with some good serves from Jarrett Thomas, number 10, and even an ace. After the ball going back and forth for a bit, Carrefour was awarded couple of points but Evergreen really worked hard, and the set ended with a score of 25- 10. Winning the match for the boys.

Overall the boys have really improved since the beginning of the season; they’re moving as a unit and communicating more. The school is very happy that the boys’ volleyball is doing so well. We wish them the best of luck on the road to playoffs!

By: Ashleigh Beltempo


Falcons defeat North Stars

There was an exciting game yesterday afternoon at Evergreen Park School. It saw the Evergreen Park North Stars in defeat against the Northrup Frye Falcons. I had a talk with the North Stars’ head coachPierre-Luc Cool and he knows that this is a “promising season for the boys.”

Coaches Pierre-Luc Cool and Heather Hunt

Coaches Pierre-Luc Cool and Heather Hunt

The team was very enthusiastic and passionate even in defeat, losing two sets to zero in a back and forth game. The first set finished 23-25 Falcons, and the second set was another two point defeat, 25-27 Falcons. The players and the referee decided to play the third set even though the game had been decided. Happily the home team won the third set 29-27. After the game, I talked to 4 Aiden McIntosh because of his performance. I asked him how did it spark the team that you won the last set. He replied with a sense of enthusiasm: “It is always a plus when you win a point or even a set, and since we lost the game, it was even bigger than if we would have won. And now we go into the game on Wednesday with a bit of momentum and confidence.”

McIntosh volleys the return as Justin Murray looks on.

McIntosh volleys the return as Justin Murray looks on.




–     Nick McWilliams


A Very “Rewarding” Assembly

Friday,october 31st,2014

By: Emma Sharpe


Excited crowds of Evergreen students file into the gym, talking, squirming, and laughing. They’re all anxious to receive their reward for a successful fundraising campaign: a special performance from Mr.Baker, a 6th grade teacher and musician who will be leaving soon. On stage a single microphone has been set up, it too waiting for the performance.

Backstage, Mr.Baker waits for all the students to arrive. But he’s not nervous, he tells me the day before in his classroom. He’s been playing guitar since 6th grade and has performed at some other schools in Moncton, including Northrop Frye and Edith Cavell. “The times in my life when I feel the most comfortable is when I’m performing like that. I feel like I just bring out, like, myself.”

Mr. Baker gets tuned up for a big performance.

Mr. Baker gets tuned up for a big performance.

“Baker, Baker, Baker!” The crowd chants as Mr. Baker steps on stage. He seems calm, cool, and collected, just as if he does this every day. “How’s it going?” His voice doesn’t seem shaky at all. “Before we start, I’ll have to go over a couple of rules, okay? First, if you wanna sing, you sing. Second, if you wanna clap, you clap. And third, if you wanna shake a little bit, you shake!” With an enthusiastic couple of strums, he starts off with a classic: “Down by the Bay.” Students and teachers immediately start singing and clapping (there might even have been a little shaking,) and everyone laughs when Mr.B throws in some of his own lyrics. Mme Panagiotakis was even spotted dancing! The show then continues with “Counting Stars” by One Republic, and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”, assisted by our musician’s grade 6 class. But to the audience’s surprise, Baker not only plays three songs, but then proceeds to play Michael Jackson’s “I want you back” and finishes with “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers.

So has Baker enjoyed his time at Evergreen? It seems so. Not only has he gotten to work with his close friend Mr.Leger, but he’s also found some new ones. “I feel very rich in friends after working at Evergreen.” He tells me. “I also had a pretty great class this year, and I think they would be dissapointed if I didn’t mention them.” The few students working around him return his compliment with proud smiles.

The last song ends, and both students and staff give Mr.B a standing ovation, and the ground shakes with the stomping of feet. So with a final wave, our beloved Mr.Baker picks up his guitar and prepares to go change some more students’ lives.


Ms. Browne, the school gym teacher, has also promised a reward. She sits in a chair in the middle of the stage, a nervous smile on her face and a garbage bag over her clothes – waiting to get her hair cut off to donate it to wigs for cancer. Her long locks reach to about her shoulders, but soon they won’t even touch her ears. After an introduction from Ms. Pacione, the vice principal, a hairdresser walks onstage and starts braiding. Ms.B takes a quick look at the wig a

Ms. Browne shows the meaning of locks for love

Ms. Browne shows the meaning of locks for love

few feet away from her chair. It belonged to her mother, who passed away from cancer. Then she gives the crowd a wide smile as the first braid is cut off. The Evergreen students cheer and stomp their feet, as their gym teacher holds it up for everyone to see. Never have I seen a school so excited about two braids. While the second is being cut, Mme Cool, a grade 6 teacher, and some students start our school dance, and all the students get up to practice the rehearsed dance moves to Kool & the Gang’s “Celebrate.” Ms. Browne attempts to join in, but doesn’t dare move her head. As the music fades, the second braid is cut, and the hairdresser finishes off the new look. “It looks even better than before!” Says Kaitlyn, a grade 3 student. “Do you think your mom would be proud of you?” I ask a beaming Ms. B.

“Oh, I know she would.” She replies confidently.


The classes with the most money raised in grades K-4 were: Mme Allain’s grade 1 class, winner of the cookie party was Mme Bourque-Surette’s grade 3 class, and winner of the pizza party was Ms. Payne’s grade 2 class. In 5-8, the winners were Mme Lagacé’s grade 6 class, the winner of the cookie party was Mr. Cool’s grade 7 class,and the winner of the pizza party was Mme Bertrand’s grade 5 class. “And the best part is that,” Finishes Mme Panagiotakis, “all this money is going back to our school, our families.”